How To Create A Forum And Put Ads On It

how to create a forum
Internet forums are one of the most innovative and convenient tools when it comes to information dissemination, advertisement and social media campaigning. In the earlier days, one had to have a good understanding of computer programming languages in order to create a discussion forum online. In today’s world, however, the creation of online forums with related ads has become both easy and simple.

How to Create a Forum

There are a number of ways by means of which one can create an online forum. These are:

1. By Hosting a Forum on Your Own Domain: Many of the forum hosting providers now offer services that allow for the installation of two or more popular forum hosting software. These methods offer guaranteed uptime, promise easy installation along with domain names and customer support. Some softwares such as SimpleMachines comes with its own set of instructions that are easy to follow and allow for a quick installation of forum creating logarithm.

2. Using a Forum Hosting Service: In the age of the Internet, there are countless softwares that are available online for forum hosting purposes. A quick and simple search for a “free forum host” allows the user to access the services of this third party that will, in turn, create a forum as per the client’s specifications.

The major disadvantage of such a method, however, is that one has to depend on a third party for the work to get done and unlike the 1st method mentioned above there is no control during the forum creating process.  But on the opposite side of the spectrum, it will make the setup process very easy for someone who hasn’t had to create a forum before.

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Forum

There are a number of things that should be kept in mind while creating a forum. These are:

  • It is always better to host a forum on one’s own domain. Utilising the services of a third party can result in security risks and other inconveniences.
  • Furthermore, owning the name that the forum is created on gives the entire process a more professional look that is essential if one is utilising the same for business purposes. In case one wishes to transfer the forum name and related URL to any hosting provider in the future it can be done in an easy manner in case of owning the domain name.
  • If one wishes to create the forum on one’s own computer for technical reasons, it is important to study the process of installing WAMP.

How to Insert Ads in the Forum

In this section we take a look at the number of ways on can increase profits by including ads.

The first step that one should take is to determine where the ad needs to be inserted. The top three locations for ads on a forum are:

1. The board’s home page, that is, the page that shows all of the forums on the board: In order to insert an ad in this portion of the webpage the file that needs to be modified is-

<your forum root>/styles/<style name>/template/index_body.html

2. The page showing all the threads in a given forum: In case of inserting an ad in this portion, the file that requires modification is-

<your forum root>/styles/<style name>/template/viewforum_body.html

3. The page showing posts in a given thread: As with the aforementioned two areas, the third corresponding file that needs moderation is-

<your forum root>/styles/<style name>/template/viewtopic_body.html

In all of the above scenarios the forum root is the directory where the forum resides and the <style name> can either be ‘prosilver’ or ‘subsilver2′.

All of the above places are advantageous when it comes to posting ads since they are visually prominent. If the advertisements are relevant to the subject of the forum, it allows the viewers to develop a more holistic understanding of the matter and increases viewership.

Importance of Ads
Hosting a forum is an important step towards business growth, campaigning and profit maximisation. However, in order to truly improve the quality of the forum and reap the benefits of internet profit making, it is essential to include ads in the forum. The biggest advantage of posting ads on the aforementioned areas is that is helps in maximising profits. While the income is not substantial, it is still a good investment that gives positive returns.

Hosting a forum and including advertisements in it is a positive step towards increasing business profits. While some might find that they need technical assistance in such cases, the end result is almost always worth the investment.

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